Monday, November 22, 2010

Birthday Party Conversations

This past weekend, Joshua's sisters, Hope and Anna went to a close friend's birthday party. Apparently there were 12 little girls ages 4-6. At one point, the girls were sitting around and someone realized that everyone there had a brother! The host of the party suggested that they all go around and share their own name and their brother's name. When it came around to the older, 6 year old girls, there was additional commentary about how annoying their brothers were. Soon, everyone was chiming in declaring that their brothers were also annoying; pushing them around, taking their stuff etc.

But my Anna said, "My brother's name is Josh and he's not annoying. He doesn't know how to be annoying because he has special needs!" The birthday girl's mom, asked a few questions about what "special needs" means and they embarked on a whole group conversation about what it means to have special needs and the different kinds of special needs there are, physical, vision, etc. Anna told me all about this conversation while we were brushing her teeth later that night. I so wish I had been there to soak up the sweetness and beauty of the moment.

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