Saturday, August 18, 2012

Joshua and His Dad

Well, the summer is over and the kids are back in school.  As evidenced by my lack of blogposts all summer long, it's been a full one.  New programs, new issues, new people, new therapists and new routines and a new school for Josh were all introduced this summer.  And I managed all of it.  On top of that, Josh had surgery for his obstructive sleep apnea which came with some amount of complications regarding his normal meds.  Now that the summer is over, I am realizing how much my parenting is about getting stuff done.  I'm a doer and there is always a lot to do for Josh.

Josh's relationship with his dad is different.  Alex had the gift of being able to "be" with his kids.  Maybe it's because he's a more "in the present" kind of person rather than a "plan for the future" type like I am.  Maybe it's because he had to spend so much time comforting and snuggling with Josh while I was caring for the girls when they were babies.  This sometimes drives me crazy when they are just laying on each other or wrestling when there are dishes to be done, teeth to be brushed, and other things on my list of things that should be getting done.

However, I'm glad that Josh, Hope and Anna has a father who is very present to them.  Many people in my husband's profession cut corners on spending quality time with their kids.  I know, deep in my heart, that Alex will not do that.  Even in the busy seasons, he makes time to just be with his kids.  I am more likely to skimp on being present to the kids than Alex is.  Just today, Hope asked me to play Connect Four with her and it took every ounce of will that I had to be able to turn from my chaotic kitchen and say "Uh, yeah, okaaaay. . ."

I love these pictures of Alex and Josh just being together.  Even if they are not having a deep conversation, I think that something profound happens when father and child can enjoy quality time in each other's presence.  Enveloped in the safety of sure love, there is an exchange of joy and peace.  This transcends conversation or information exchange.  Nothing is "getting done" but plenty is happening.  I want more of that in my life and in my parenting.

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