Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Bit of a Rant

Warning! What follows is the frustrated rantings of a very, very, very tired mother of a kid with special needs.

My question for today. Is it too much to ask that a child who is almost 8 years old would take responsibility for his own toileting? Is it too much to ask that this child not poop in bed and wipe that poop all over his room?

In my current, not completely rational state, I feel strongly that the hundreds of non-insured dollars poured into behavioral psychologists and autism specializing pediatricians should result in some strategy that leads my child to be potty trained.

My emotions tell me that the billions of prayers that I've prayed to a God, who I know cares about me, should have some sort of result along the lines of not having yucky poop accidents.

My thoughts flit around the fear that I will be cleaning up after my son in this way when he is 30 (though even in my exhausted state I know that I cannot go there tonight). Have some thought discipline, girl.

Well, the laundry is going. The room has been cleaned. The shower has been cloroxed. I have vented here on my blog. The child has been kissed and sent to bed. My emotions are settling down and perspective is seeping into my worn out little brain. I'm beginning to remember that there are a lot of reasons for Josh to be slow in learning many things in his challenging life. I am holding onto the truth that Josh is one of the greatest gifts of my life and I wouldn't know how to live if I ever lost him.

Ah, big sigh. Good night.


  1. You're an amazing mom in every iteration: ranting, exhausted, or at peace. Thanks for the post. Hang in there.

  2. I love You and Josh and Anna and Hope and Alex.