Monday, February 7, 2011

Sickness Sanity?

Hello friends! I'm back after a brief hiatus, primarily due to sickness in our household. Here's my question of the day: How do you stay sane/ happy/ energized/ motivated when you are dealing with week after week of sickness?

Right after Christmas, three of us got lice (thanks to an outbreak at my daughter's preschool). Soon after dealing with that, I got sick, the girls got sick, my husband got sick (and has had a horrible cough that kept him up at night for three weeks). Josh has had a stomach bug three times since the new year started (and it's only mid-February)!

I woke up this morning and realized that I might be going insane. I spent most of the weekend at home monitoring Joshua, who had a fever. Due to his medical issues, if we can't control his fever or vomiting then we have to take him to the emergency room to avoid a potentially deadly adrenal crisis. This is somewhat stressful.

Now, I am sitting here at my desk, having sent all three kids off to school . . . but I'm feeling a bit PTSD. Who knows when the next round is going to hit. Why schedule anything at all when all routine is going to go out the window again because someone is going to have to be taken care of all day?

SO, someone out there give me some advice. How does a modern mom weather the winter cold blues with emotional and spiritual strength?


  1. I don't have wisdom to offer, but I remember when my boys were young, they took turns (or overlapped) being sick for about 8 months straight. THEN Jeremy got diagnosed with asthma. I didn't cope well, and that was the trigger that really kicked my obesity into gear.

    Now when kids get sick (and recover eventually), I get outside whenever I could rather than hunkering down at the computer like I did. Just being outside in the fresh air in this early spring helps restore me.

  2. beats me! ...and I only have one to deal with.
    "This is somewhat stressful." Susan, you are a master of understatement.